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Our Vision About Us

To preserve this authentic novel way of longkang fishing for every child through to the next century.

Our Objective

- To provide interesting outdoor experiences of longkang fishing to children of all ages.

- To develop their thinking and creative skills. Children learn best through hands-on activities.

- The fun and joy they derived from such experiences stayed with them throughout their lives and they can even pass on these memories to their next generation.

Since Kid’s Kampong started, we have brought fun and enjoyment to many pre-school and primary students. The experiences they gained through longkang fishing have widened their knowledge and increased their creative juice and thinking capacity as they strategise how to catch the fish in the longkangs with a small net and bucket. These life skills and experiences cannot be taught in textbooks, through computer games or through story books. There need to be first hand encounter with the fishy kind …

Here in Pasir Ris Kid’s Kampong is where this favourite past time can be relived and experience by our young of today! Children can experience the fun their parents or grandparents enjoyed in the outdoors. Adults can reminiscent the good old days of having fun; fishing in the longkangs too!


Kindly take note that if you are coming on Weekdays, please call us before you come as we maybe closed for afew hours due to bookings.